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Ceiling Fan Specifications


Click to Download a PDF file of the ceiling fan dimensions

A = Diameter of blades, tip to tip. Ensure a minimum 6" clearance from any edge of the blade to any obstruction
B = Distance from ceiling to blades. Ensure height from blades to floor is at least 7.5 ft
C = Overall depth of fan. Ensure height from base of fan to floor is at least 7 ft
D = Diameter of ceiling fixing plate
X = Depth of light fitting
Y = Width of light fitting
Light = Bulb(s) where applicable


NB: Where two dimensions are given for B or C this means the fan is dual mount and can be fitted either with a rod or without.

  Controller Bulb type & wattageMotor Rating (W)Cu Ft per Min (high)RPMWeight in kgFan Dimensions (mm)  
HighMedLowGrossNetABCXYDDrop Rod Type Warranty 
AeroRemote18w LED Array418000195115609.58.5144032036040175150NON-STD10
AtlantaPull Cord1 x 60w SES (golf)6025952632051515.85.3760160/260280/380130 130STD 22mm5
BelairePull Cordn/a603571200135875.65.01070180225  150STD 27mm5
Belaire CombiPull Cord3 x 60w SES603571200135877.26.21070180225145360150STD 27mm5
BladeRemoten/a604083148105726.14.51070205365  210STD 27mm10
BreezeRemote22w LED 2700k26400018512511075.6111229039590 130STD 22mm5
CapriPull Cordn/a454725200140855.44.8910160221  130STD 22mm10
Capri CombiPull Cord3 x 60w SES454725200140856.35.5910160221125280130STD 22mm10
CirrusRemote18w LED Array50167424518713076.3101620530535 170STD 22mm10
ClassicPull Cordn/a646165199127887.06.31320240/350325/370  133STD 27mm10
Commercial 36Wall Controln/a4550002712471455.24.5910470515  148NON STD2
Commercial 48Wall Controln/a6563002901891027.26.41220470151  148NON STD2
Commercial 56Wall Controln/a6868002952011057.76.91440470515  148NON STD2
Darwin 52"Remote15w LED Array655400209172977.96.31370170/25731838 130STD 27mm10
Darwin 44"Remote15w LED Array655400209172977.96.31070170/25731838 130STD 27mm10
GeminiPull Cord3 x 50w GU10454725200141897.26.3107019026090260130STD 22mm10
IslanderWall Controln/a66760029026816711.810.51420450515  155STD 22mm10
KompactPull CordLED 18w 4000k5642802922492095.85.270017529090215130STD 22mm10
MayfairPull Cordn/a505216210140866.15.51070165240  150STD 22mm10
Mayfair CombiPull Cord3 x 60w G9 or GU10505216210140867.46.21070165240100300150STD 22mm10
Montana 42"Pull Cord3 x 60w E14504300195140806.45.41070210/310350/450190 130STD 22mm5
Montana 36"Pull Cord3 x 60w E14504300220160956.35.3960210/310350/450190 130STD 22mm5
Moreno 42"Pull Cord1 x 60w E14504300195140805.84.81070210/310350/450190 130STD 22mm5
Moreno 36"Pull Cord1 x 60w E14504300220160955.64.6960210/310350/450190 130STD 22mm5
Neptune 54RemoteLED 20w 3000k7553002081408410.59.31320170/315230/37538248146STD 27mm5
Neptune 44RemoteLED 20w 3000k7553002681929410.49.21120170/315230/37538248146STD 27mm5
OrionRemoten/a42.4410021518710410.48.7112026031070220170STD 27mm10
PalmPull Cordn/a6653732091499311.010.01320360430120260130STD 22mm10
Prima 52"RemoteLED 18w 3000k73535818412874 10.0 9.01320220/320290/39040170150STD 27mm10
Prima 42"Remote LED 18w 3000k  735358 1841287410.0  9.01070220/320290/39040170150STD 27mm10
SiroccoRemote20w LED3571001501157510.98.4144021830822 140STD 27mm10
Spinnaker 52"Pull Cordn/a66429212080469.48.61320360430  130STD 22mm10
Tau 48"RemoteLED 10w GX53356750198100507.56.5127031031060153130STD 27mm10
Tau II 48"RemoteLED Array 3000k356750198100507.56.5127031031060153130STD 27mm 10
Viper Plus 44"Remote20w LED Array92.4526227120311611.410.11120320420100210133STD 27mm10
Viper Plus 54"Remote20w LED Array105.966121991408011.410.11370320420100210133STD 27mm10
ZetaRemoteLED 18w 2800k325387173125506.85.7132024030050175180N/A10